The IAPPR Chairman; Danny Curran and his Finders International team have been highlighted in The Times this past weekend for their work in solving the inheritance case of Jozef Domanski from Kidderminster.

Domanski died intestate, and for seven years, Finders International worked relentlessly to find an unknown next of kin who stood to inherit a share of his £75,000 estate.

At the age of 14, Domanski was parted from his family. He was then sent to Germany by the Nazis in 1940 and was liberated by the Allied forces in 1945 when he travelled to England. He stayed in touch with his sister during the Cold War years, but eventually they lost touch in the 1980s. He died intestate aged 86.

Due to the nature of this case and the fact that it isn’t an anomaly, Finders International urges people to create a will.

Danny Curran states –

“There have been four waves of Polish immigration to the UK since just before the Second World War. The largest number arrived when Poland joined the EU in 2004, so we are seeing a mix of individuals, of all ages, who have died and are struggling to find their next of kin.”

Creating a will means that your friends have family will have the reassurance and comfort of knowing that they will not have to be concerned with a time consuming and sometimes stressful process. Your inheritance can be distributed on your terms, and your wishes will be carried out.

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