Company Head Office Contact
ADD France Antoine Dijpka ADD-ASSOCIES-HORIZONTAL-ROUGE+baseline-01
AGHS USA Amy Crabill Lay aghs-american-global-heir-search
Ancestors and Heirs USA Jane Schapka
Blanchards Inheritance United Kingdom Adam Blanchard
Choice Plus USA Randy Hotz Choice Plus Logo
Finders International United Kingdom Danny Curran Finders_International_Logo
Finders International Ireland Maeve Mullin Finders_International_Logo
GEN Germany Dr. Dirk Zeiseler
GEN Česko Czech Republic Petr Novotný gen-cesko
GEN Sp. z o.o. Poland Andreas Kamp
Heir Finders Dr Hans-J Noczenski Germany Dr. Norbert Herms erben-logo
International Genealogy Services Belgium An Stofferis
Lexforensics South Africa Mellisa Pillay Lex-Forensics-Logo Netherlands Klaas Zondervan

Maryssa Mann
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The IAPPR’s UK media consultant is Danny Curran, the founder and MD of Finders International – one of the industry’s largest probate research firms with offices in London, Edinburgh and Dublin.
Danny has sought to establish a viable industry association since 1990 when he first began working in the industry. The IAPPR is the result.

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ADD Associes – Partner/French Media Consultant

Antoine Dijpka

President of Généalogistes de France
Director of the Research Department
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Choice Plus LLC – CEO/Founder Member/President

Randy Hotz

ChoicePlus excels in locating owners and heirs to inform and assist them in the recovery of their unclaimed property. We are the industry leader in administrative, judicial, and entitlement documentation procedures required to secure the release of dormant and unclaimed assets. Other services include Estate Facilitation and Inheritance Distribution Services, Asset Purchases, and Debt Settlement Solutions. Cases typically involve assets exceeding $20,000.
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GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH – Managing Director

Dr. Dirk Zeiseler

GEN employs more than 60 professionals at the headquarters in Berlin, at the five branch offices in Germany and at the subsidiaries in Poland, Czech Republic and the USA.
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Klaas Zondervan


Klaas Zondervan is registered as a legal advisor (rechtskundig adviseur) with the Dutch Association of Legal Advisors (NVRA), having attended the Course for Professional Executors (NOVEX) and completed the Specialist Training in Estate Planning (Licent Academy).

Tracers conduct probate research for civil law notaries and probate lawyers, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Klaas is licensed as a private investigator by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice (POB 1403).

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International Genealogy Services

An Stofferis


International Genealogy Services is a professional historical and genealogical research company, operating nationally and internationally with other researchers and genealogists.

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Mellisa Pillay

Mellisa Pillay Photo
LEXForensics started out in 2016 with its core focus on providing truth verification services through its forensic call centre: equipped with Layered Voice Analysis software and trained forensic analysts. To complement the LVA validation solution we offer to our insurance clients, we expanded our service to include the second phase of handling risky insurance claims: desktop investigations. It is our investigative skills that provided us with a great advantage in providing yet another supplementary service: tracing. Initially we were only focussed on third-party and debtor tracing but have since extended our services to include beneficiary tracing for several funds. Our unique approach to tracing has significantly increased our successful tracing ratio when compared to industry norms, which is why we are fast becoming the leader in our field.

Contact details:

LEXCorp Building, Square Office Park, 4 Kikuyu Road, Sunninghill, Sandton, RSA, 2157
e: [email protected] or [email protected]
t: +27112344400

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American Global Heir Search – President

Amy Crabill Lay

Amy Crabill Lay
American Global Heir Search – has its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. AGHS is specialized in locating unknown heirs nationally and internationally.
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GEN Česko s.r.o. – Managing Director

Petr Novotný

GEN Česko s.r.o. has its office in the Czech capital Prague and is a subsidiary of GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH. Our genealogists carry out research in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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GEN Sp. z o.o. Polska – Managing Director

Dr. Andreas Kamp

GEN Sp. z o.o. Polska is specialized on research in Poland and its neighbouring countries. The company’s offices are located in Słubice, Wrocław and Krakow.
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Heir Finders Dr Hans-J Noczenski – Managing Director

Dr Norbert Herms


Our qualified team has experience and competence in search activities as well as in processing inheritance matters and maintains a network of business partners throughout Europe and overseas.

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Finders International (Ireland) – Business Manager & Irish Media Consultant

Maeve Mullin

Maeve Mullin

Finders International has an office in Dublin Ireland headed
by Maeve Mullin (Business Development Manager).

USA flag
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Ancestors and Heirs

Jane Schapka

Ancestors and Heirs conducts probate research in the USA and Canada, heir search, asset recovery, and genealogy for folks anywhere with an emphasis on Dutch and is a subsidiary of Tracers International.
Link to website HERE