Once again due to the ongoing restrictions on international travel the 2021 AGM was held via ZOOM on the 28th of October.

The members reported that despite the pandemic their businesses were flourishing and that employees were able to work from home and were in many cases preferring that arrangement.

The board of Directors and Executive Committee members continue in their roles as do Danny Curran as Chairman and Geoffrey Odds as Company Secretary.

Due to the pandemic many companies who were actively seeking IAPPR membership have held back until 2022 when we expect to welcome new members from across the world who fit the existing criteria for membership.

Indeed, since the meeting UK company Blanchards Inheritance has become the latest IAPPR member.

We look forward to meeting again in person at the Probate Research Awards on the 28th of April and the 2022 AGM scheduled for September in Henley on Thames UK.

For more information regarding the association, visit https://www.iappr.org/about-us/ or if you would like to become a member visit https://www.iappr.org/how-to-join/ .