Finders International identifies and traces heirs to estates, property, and assets worldwide.

We are award-winning probate researchers – also known as ‘Heir Hunters’ – serving the public sectorprivate client legal departments, solicitors, lawyers, trust and estate administration, and unclaimed asset departments worldwide.

Finders International trace next-of-kin and reunite assets with heirs. We also find missing or unknown owners of empty homes and property.

Our probate researchers and forensic genealogists work extensively with solicitors in private client, wills & probate or trust teams, as well as Corporate & State Trustees around the world.

Countries covered:

Please note that in some countries research capabilities change from time to time due to local data protection laws and for legal reasons. We will advise you of any issues as soon as possible.

United Kingdom Channel Islands Hungary Poland
Ireland Chile India Portugal
Albania China Isle of Man Romania
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Danny Curran
Managing Director
Finders International
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