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Established in 1995, we are genealogists and probate researchers working for families, legal companies and the private sector in a dedicated field that requires expertise.

When someone dies intestate – without a will – and no heirs come forward, the government can take any assets they may have had and claim them for the treasury.

To prevent this, our dedicated team work hard to trace entitled relatives who may be beneficiaries on an estate. Often referred to as Heir Hunters, we use our skills, knowledge, and the latest databases to locate the rightful next of kin, and our aim is for them to benefit from these estates.

Our searches don’t just stop in the UK! As professional probate researchers we have the expertise and resources to trace relatives all around the world.

From our headquarters in Willerby, we have successfully traced beneficiaries and assets from Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, France, India  and further afield.

Richard Eglen
DS Researchers
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