Coutot-Roehrig’s Italian office has been present in Italy for over 20 years with its registered office in Genoa and offices in Rome, Turin, Milan and a representative office in Venice.

It provides its services to the Courts and to professionals (notaries, lawyers, accountants, etc.) in charge of administering a succession whenever the beneficiaries are unknown or there is no certainty as to their existence, or to individuals and entities that, more generally, need to trace the beneficiaries of the estate of a deceased person apparently without heirs (banks, condominium administrators, shelters, etc.). In particular, it provides its services to curators of dormant inheritances.

Coutot-Roehrig searches for legitimate heirs, locates testamentary heirs, identifies co-owners of immovable property and, on behalf of the heirs traced, performs all legal, administrative and tax formalities aimed at acquiring and liquidating their inheritance, while guaranteeing the professional the correct devolution of the estate and relieving him of risks and liabilities.

In Italy, Coutot-Roehrig performs the following activities: retrieves deeds from registry and civil status offices, reconstructs kinship ties, certifies the devolution of inheritance by signing a deed of notoriety, signs the deed of acceptance of inheritance in the name and on behalf of the heirs, draws up the inventory, submits the declaration of inheritance anticipating expenses, taxes and fees, interfaces with professionals, settles bank and insurance relations, manages and sells inherited property.

Nadia Spatafora
Coutot-Roehrig Italy
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